Friday, February 3, 2017

Today It Isn't Me ;P

   Heyy, I'm Peyton. ( ) Emily said I could write about something on her blog for the day, I don't really know what to write about...
   I sit by Emily in English and Reading, she's chill...but more about me. Here's a list of things I like to do:
  • Writing
  • Photography
  • Softball
  • Basketball
  • Volleyball
  • Flute
  • Netflix
  • Food
  • Quotes/sayings
  • Social Media
  • Friends
  • My Family...actually depends on the day ;D
And that's a few things about me, why don't you go follow my blog, or check it out.

Friday, January 20, 2017

Everything, Everything

I just finished the book Everything, Everything.  This book is totally on my #1 list. Madiline is the main character in the book. Unlike you and me Madiline was told she couldn't go any where and had to breathe really really clean air. When a boy moved next door Maddy sees a whole new side of her life. Olly is in to like a gothic look. So he wears all black! When Maddy is sick of not beening like the other girls. So Maddy desides to go to Hawaii. When she tells Olly she wants to go away Olly goes with her. But on the last day Madiline almosts dies and she completely changes. She doesn't want to see Olly ever again. Madiline finds out she was never sick. She puts locks on her doors, closes all the curtains, and ingnores everyone. When she realizes that she needs Olly in her life Olly is gone. But not for long! Maddy remembers the bookstore under the place Olly had grown up. When she text Olly to go to the book store where he'll find a very special present, that's Maddy. I really do suggest this book. It will make you cry so you are warned  now.  

Thursday, January 5, 2017

Read This Book!

I just finished Thirteen little Blue Envolops. The book series is full of emotion and adventure. In the books  Virgina Blackstone is on a trip to practicly everywhere in the UK.(her nickname is Ginny)  Ginny's aunt died of cancer in the book and had given Ginny thirteen envolops that she had to follow. On the way Ginny meets all these amazing people like Keith someone Ginny liked a lot. She met all of Her aunts friends. But when going to Rome the bag is stolen. Plus all the cloths and everything else in the bag. But what she really needed the last envolop to where her aunts ashes are spread.

In the second book a boy Ginnys age gets Ginny's bag with the envolops in it. That boy is Oliver, her takes her on an adventure where she falls in love with someone she doesn't know. New Year comes around an Ginny, Oliver, Keith, and Keith's girlfriend Ellis are in the streets full of people when Ginny kisses Oliver. But when Ginny reads the last part of her aunts letter. She realizes what her aunt means. Ginny travels to where Oliver lives after the trip to tell him Thank you.

Monday, October 24, 2016

My #GRA16 Experience

  Initially, I though that the Global Read Aloud (GRA) wasn't great. I could of been better in the beginning of the journey. It turned out that lots of people have connected over Skype and Padlet, because of this website. The book we picked out for are 7th grade class is Orbiting Jupiter. There is so many questions that I could ask.
  The book is about a boy named Joseph and he has a baby at thirteen. Now that Maddie has died Joseph life has been scary. Going in and staying with a willing foster family shows that he hasn't grown up like he's seen. Joseph has Jack another foster boy to grow up with, but first he has to find Jupiter his baby girl. No matter the weather Joseph will go anywhere to find what he wants.
   Other classes we connect with have read the same book but they have different thought. This is a great way to get out in the world. I'm happy when we Skype people it brings light to a dark room. Thank to the creater and her amazing ideas. I want to do this every year.

Thursday, September 15, 2016

Hey Welcome to my Blog!

Hey welcome to my blog. My blog is about my hobbies like basketball, fishing, hunting, and cooking. I like painting nails for fun and spending time with my animals while reading. These are all my favorite thing in school and at home.

I've loved fishing sense i was little. My dad and I have been fish forever. We fish every season ( ice fishing is my favorite). I'm planing to be a land and parks ranger. So hunting and fishing would be and everyday thing .

Reading hasn't always been something I'd love to do. I used to hate read, I know hate is a strong word but it is true.  Now read is an everyday thing that I do. My favorite books are the adventures books. I like children books too. 

Cooking is the greatest thing ever if you love food and I do! Making supper is my favorite. I love baking too,got to love cookies. Surprisingly I cook a lot in my free time.